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Rat Pack II
Rat Pack II

Rat Pack II

  • Rat Pack II
  • Edition #2/15
  • Nick Veasey (United Kingdom)
  • Diasec C-Type print mounted to dibond with plexi face
  • 50" H x 40" W

Nick Veasey, one of the world’s leading fine art photographers, is a pioneer of X-ray imaging in contemporary art. Working almost exclusively with X-ray technology, this British artist masterfully manipulates lethal radiation to create a striking artwork, balancing the extremes. Veasey’s art explores symbolic narratives, from flora and fauna to ordinary objects and heavy machinery, revealing the hidden beauty of life through X-ray technology. He is one of the few artists globally using radiographic imaging and lenticular printing, transforming everyday objects into mesmerizing photographs of form and light, earning him acclaim from prestigious institutions like the Victoria and Albert Museum. His photography bridges art and science, inviting viewers to see the world anew through X-ray imaging.

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