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Morton Contemporary Art Gallery is the culmination of 15 years of passion for fine contemporary art. Our diverse contemporary art collection ranges from original works on canvas to sculpture, mixed-media, and photography. We specialize in representing and promoting innovative emerging and established artists from around the world.

Morton Contemporary embodies an ethical as well as aesthetic vision, a commitment to equity and inclusion in tune with worldwide social movements. Debbie Morton, owner and founder of Morton Contemporary, aims to diversify not only the audience for fine art, but its source by elevating the work of traditionally underrepresented artists such as women and artists of color from around the globe. Debbie Morton actively participates in local philanthropic endeavors including supporting fundraising efforts for nonprofits and increasing engagement between artists and their communities.

Leveraging their art expertise and an eye for design, our art consultants connect clients with art that embodies their distinct tastes, viewpoints, and sensibilities. Morton Contemporary is dedicated to establishing art collections that adhere to our clients’ aesthetic and budgetary objectives. We also excel at working in the corporate sector, furnishing beautiful works of art to outfit any commercial space. We offer a special trade discount program for designers and architects as well.

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Debbie drives the creative vision of Morton Contemporary art gallery. Her love of art dates back to childhood when her father, Arnie Morton—founder of the renowned restaurant chain, Morton’s Steakhouse—filled their family’s home with contemporary and classical works of art. She would earn a bachelor’s degree in literature at the University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in comparative religion at Harvard University, and spend a year in Jerusalem on scholarship at Hebrew University. This confluence of narrative, art, ethics, spirituality, and culture helped Morton develop a unique perspective and keen eye for art in its variety of forms, leading to a successful, 15-year career in documentary filmmaking. During her professional and personal travels, Morton’s love affair with contemporary, European emerging artists began. Initially, she curated for her own personal collection, then chose works for friends and relatives. Ultimately, her love of sharing fine, accessible art and her commitment to expanding the range of featured voices led to Morton Contemporary in the heart of Philadelphia.



Kimberly Pepper has worked in art and design for the past 15 years. She loves working with individual clients, designers, and commercial entities to beautify, transform, and enrich their spaces while also overseeing innovative B2B art projects. Kim facilitates curating and managing the gallery’s artistic collections while also implementing the gallery's marketing and digital media strategy, content, and client relations. She delivers the highest quality assitance to her clients, with an exquisite eye for detail, and seamless ability to help people connect with artworks they love. 


Art Appraiser

As CEO and Founder of Red Feather Advisory & Appraisal, Lisa brings a wealth of senior executive management experience in insurance and related industries.  Her life-long passion of the arts has evolved into a successful client-centered art appraisal service. Prior to her certification to appraise fine art, she held the position of COO in various insurance and health care organizations for over 40 years. Her postgraduate studies include the Barnes DeMazia Certification in art history and course work from New York University, Philadelphia Museum of Art and Christie’s London. Lisa is a member of several professional appraiser and art related organizations. She also attained her USPAP (Uniform Standard Professional Appraisal Practice) certification.  She is an Associate Member of the Appraisers Association of America.

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