Nick Veasey


    "To mix my metaphors, we all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that beauty
    is more than skin deep. By revealing the inside, the quintessential element of my art
    speculates upon what the manufactured and natural world really consists of."

    --Nick Veasey, artist

    British artist Nick Veasey is the world pioneer of an innovative medium in contemporary art: X-RAY IMAGING.  Working almost exclusively with X-ray technology, Veasey masterfully manipulates lethal radiation to create a dazzling balance of extremes. His work transforms the raw, scientific precision of X-ray images into graceful works of beauty, while revealing the intricate details of bones and everyday objects within different narrative contexts.

    Nick Veasey’s X-ray canvases tell unique stories, transforming the mundane into captivating narratives. His artworks feature diverse scenes: a family outing with a skeleton dog, 1920s crooks playing poker, a bartender serving martinis, and a relaxed individual with headphones, a cigarette, and a cocktail. Veasey also employs lenticular technology to create dynamic superhero transformations—Clark Kent becomes Superman, and Batman battles Superman.

    Veasey’s art explores symbolic narratives, from flora and fauna to ordinary objects and heavy machinery, revealing the hidden beauty of life through X-ray technology. He is one of the few artists globally using radiographic imaging and lenticular printing, transforming everyday objects into mesmerizing studies of form and light.

    With a background in photography and a passion for experimentation, Veasey pushes the boundaries of perception, using radiation to unveil the artistic truths beneath solid matter. His work has earned international acclaim, featured in prestigious art institutions and science museums worldwide. Notably, his inclusion in the British National Collection of Photography at the Victoria and Albert Museum highlights the lasting impact of his innovative art. Veasey has additionally had 5 museum retrospectives: Mass MOCA, Fotagrafiska Stockholm, Erarta Museum St. Petersburg, Seoul Arts Center, and Amore Pacific Museum Korea. 

    Nick Veasey’s work bridges art and science, inviting viewers to see the world anew. His continued exploration of X-ray imaging underscores the boundless potential of human creativity and the profound beauty hidden just beneath the surface.