raw sailcloth fabric with dots in grid pattern in rainbow colors, pigment bleeding and blending
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Points 052324

Points 052324

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  • Points 052324
  • Eric Heitmann (United States)
  • Naturally pigmented watercolors, painted on recycled sailcloth with ocean water. 
  • Size: 60"W x 30"H 
  • Framed and ready to hang

Eric Heitmann’s newest collection is a stunning fusion of pop art and the nature-inspired paintings that put him on the map. These remarkable artworks pay homage to his deep-rooted love for the environment and his unique approach to creating art. 

Heitmann's watercolor paintings are nothing short of extraordinary. Instead of traditional canvases, he employs recycled sailcloth from old fishing and sailboats, embracing every imperfection and crease as part of the artistic narrative. Using natural dyes derived from flora and fauna, every color on his canvas is a testament to the beauty found in nature. To add an extra layer of depth and texture, he personally collects ocean water, infusing his artwork with the very essence of the sea through its salt.