Golden Perception
Golden Perception

Golden Perception

  • Golden Perception
  • Ashvin Harrison (Australia)
  • Coconut charcoal dust and acrylic on canvas
  • Size: 46”H x 34”W
  • Unstretched canvas

Working with charcoal dust powder, acrylic, and oil, Ashvin Harrison’s contemporary artistic style is so musical that his figures almost literally dance off the canvas. Harrison has come to be known worldwide for his integration of contrasting mediums. The painter begins with the soft, sultry subtlety of brushed charcoal to create sensual, hyper-realistic figures with digital-like precision in black and white -- dancers, hummingbirds, planets, trees, and musical instruments to name the most iconic. From there, Ashvin splatters and paints this initial charcoal with many layers of color, creating a mystical chorus of beauty, sensation, and light.

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