By Night
By Night

By Night

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  • By Night
  • Julien Rey (France)
  • Lacquer & gold leaf on dibond
  • Size: 17" x 17"

Julien Rey's story begins like all great stories: with an impossible dream. With achromatopsia (the absence of color vision), the artist sees only in black and white. Yet, this condition did not prevent him from traveling to the borders of Burma, from changing his life (he became a Buddhist monk), or from embarking on his art. From his trip to Burma, he brought back a perfect mastery of gold leaf and Chinese lacquer, a characteristic element in his work. His technique based on lacquer worked with a knife and gold leaf inlays places light at the center of his works. Marked by Zen philosophy, he creates minimal compositions that appear as suspended moments and poetic pauses. Julien Rey takes us on a journey through his paintings to urban landscapes and far-off lands. 

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