Bat Boy's Burger Addiction
Bat Boy's Burger Addiction

Bat Boy's Burger Addiction

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  • Bat Boy's Burger Addiction
  • David Kaye (England)
  • Acrylic, oil, and oil stick on canvas
  • Size: 39.625" x 31.5"
  • Wired and ready to hang

Growing up in Bradford, England in the 80s and 90s, David Kaye began drawing at a young age, inspired by cartoons and comic books that were prevalent in pop culture at the time. This childhood hobby became a lifeline while he was serving in Afghanistan with the British army for two years, drawing whenever he had time between patrols. When he returned to England, David turned to his creative side to help him process his time in the military and earned a degree in Fine Art from the University of Bradford. Creating art gave him a feeling of accomplishment and ambition. 

David’s paintings explore the connection between childhood, innocence, and adult trauma, tying together his boyhood love of cartoons and his experience in the military as a young man. Each piece of David’s is ingeniously unique and particular, with a set of clues, facial expressions, objects, and colors that work together to tell a story of our inner child facing adult experiences, utilizing a mixture of realistic and cartoonish elements. His characters all wear a helmet with big glossy spheres, simple smiles or frowns on their faces, and an object or two, such as a burger or a child’s toy, that reflect emotions both blatantly and in a way that is hidden, not escaping the nuance of human experience. He is interested in the ways in which childhood experiences can shape our adult lives, often dealing with issues such as fear, loss, and grief, while also offering a message of hope and resilience.

Inspired by his daughter and her interests in unicorns, animals, and “everything magical,” David incorporates a lifetime of artistic inspiration, memories, experiences, and anything in between into pieces that resonate distinctly with each person who has the privilege of standing in front of them.