Sell/Consign Your Artwork

As one of the premier art dealers in the marketplace today, Dane Fine Art is always on the lookout for art that will sell. We understand the trials and tribulations that often are inherent with selling your artwork, which is why we simplify the process of buying or consigning art from artists and dealers across the world.

Our team of experienced art professionals in Philadelphia will assess your artwork and provide you with an offer for an outright sale or consignment agreement if they feel that there is a market for it. We not only have upcoming online sales every two weeks, but we also have a large network of prospective buyers and art dealers with whom we have established strong professional relationships.

If you have works of art by listed artists, that you are interested in selling, please fill out this form, and we will contact you if there is interest. Our team will provide you with more information on our buying and consignment processes so you can move forward in selling your art for a fair price.