Timothy van Oorschot



Timothy Van Oorschot (1989, The Netherlands) is a figurative abstract expressionist painter whose mixed media artworks evoke amusement and intrigue simultaneously. With a background as a fine art student at Metáfora Art Factory in Barcelona, Timothy Van Oorschot has developed his identity as a skilled painter who draws on his childhood creativity. Using a black-and-white monochromatic visual language, the artist takes an aesthetic minimalist approach to communicating his internal contemplation, exploration, and reflection about human identity and the multiplicity of self. Timothy primarily paints using inks and acrylics to create interlaced faces, evoking an enormous breadth of emotion with each figure, all in black and white, made exclusively of one singular, continuous line. Characterizing his work as “naive brut,” Van Oorschot does not see himself as a painter, but “as someone who desires to erase his mind in order to face who he really is.” 

Featured in multiple interior design magazines such as Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, as well as having a 2022 solo exhibition at Gärna Gallery, Timothy Van Oorschot has implanted his face(s) in minds, eyes, and homes in recent years.



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