Art is a respite. It’s showing the world what you’ve got, in the most elegant way. Further explanation is funny to me; it’s either redundant or misleading.

    ––Tyler Sean, Painter

    NYC-based artist Tyler Sean creates fashionable works that bring pop art into the contemporary conversation. At only 25 years old, he has made a sizable impression on the art world. Sean duplicates and inverts recognizable images imbued with status, wealth, and beauty––Gigi Hadid, the Jordan 1 by Off-White––so realistically they appear digital. To Sean, growth means a tighter marriage between a polished aesthetic and an honest perspective. Above all, he wants to be well known, and he wants people to care.

    Sean was born and raised in South Florida. He has been creating since childhood. Looking back, he realizes that art has always been a state of flow he could achieve. In fact, while studying finance at the University of Florida, he came to the life-changing conclusion that art-making was the only thing that truly allowed him to breathe. He recalls a beginner's level construction class in which students were given a small drawing assignment––in that mundane task, in that act of putting pencil to paper, he felt truly alive. He has since created a personal style involving a layered spray paint and stencil process. Iconic celebrities and designer items are put in dialogue with disparate images and surprising text, finished off with a layer of resin. Sean is inspired by George Condo, and sees the obvious parallels to Warhol in his work––but claims he is not directly influenced by anyone, preferring his style to stand alone. His work has progressed quickly, allowing him to achieve notable success very young and very early in his career. 

    Sean was a Spectrum Solo exhibitor at Art Basel Miami in both 2017 and 2018, earning Best Rising Artist Exhibitor in 2017. He has presented multiple solo exhibitions.

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