"Art is my way of escaping the world. My creations enable me to share thoughts and feelings I don’t normally communicate to other people. It is a mirror hidden in the shadows. " - Sniqus 

    SNIQUS (Bulgarian by birth) is a self-taught surrealist pop artist living in the Catalonia region of Spain. Inspired by two legendary Catalan surrealist painters, Salvador Dali and Modest Cuixart, SNIQUS is proud to be living and painting in the shadows of his most prized artistic influences. Like these Spanish masters before him, SNIQUS’ canvas is a dreamland of color and curves where he digs deep into the visualization of the conscious and unconscious mind. The artist’s human figures are without conventional form -  psychedelic, sinuous interior labyrinths that feel infinite in their complex construction – much like the human mind. 

    Embedded in each of SNIQUS paintings are deep patterns of meaning – symbols, multiple characters, involved narratives, but the storylines are not obvious. The mass of movement and vibration, the explosion of color, and extraordinary detail of these interior worlds are demanding on the viewer – one must look extremely close, moving slowly over the surface to begin to unwind the intermingled forms and their significance. The opaqueness of meaning is itself a message of the work – SNIQUS believes in the subjectivity of a person’s reality, and he wants the viewer to come to see his work from their own unique perspective, whatever that may mean. 

    Stunningly beautiful, SNIQUS figures combine humor, joy, and love with ancestral pain, confusion, and decay, capturing the infinite dualities of the beauty and tragedy of life.

    Using oil, acrylic, airbrush, and ink, the artist loves to explore a canvas using different mediums. SNIQUS has exhibited throughout Europe and Asia. The artist’s first American exhibition will be held with  Morton Contemporary in 2022.