Philip Verhoeven


    Philip Verhoeven was taught art from an early age. He grew up in his parents' antique shop and started drawing at a young age. The discovery of figurative art and his passion for color, graphics, history and music allowed him to develop his own style. His works reflect his positive outlook on life.

    Verhoeven makes colorful still lives in acrylic. His paintings are characterized by the use of bright colors and the combination of different styles. He gets his inspiration from various art movements such as pop art, figurative art, graffiti and graphic design. He also has a great love for history, literature and music. These interests regularly form a source of inspiration for his paintings and contribute to the depth of his artwork. The canvases are loaded with symbols and references to events and persons that have meant something or have had an influence in the course of history. His artwork therefore asks to read meanings from it.



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