"Art provides a comforting refuge from the gravity and solemnity of reality, presenting a healing avenue for self-expression and imaginative exploration..." - Lee In Cerulean


    Jerilee, a Philadelphia-based artist working under the name ‘Lee in Cerulean’, creates striking minimalist pieces. For Lee, simple curves, asymmetry, and overlapping forms reflect the beautiful world around us—and find, within our surroundings, the continuity, serendipity, and at times mundane nature of everyday life.

    Deriving from the Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy’s embrace of imperfection, highly textural pieces show Lee’s freeform strokes, using a blend of joint compound, acrylic paint, and a myriad of other media. Under this philosophical orientation, ridges and built-up materials are a reminder that we continue to evolve, just as nature does.

    Lee received her BFA at the Art Institute of Seattle. Lee has actively participated in numerous artist pop-ups and charitable events throughout Philadelphia. As she continues to evolve as an artist, Lee is poised to make her mark on the Philadelphia art scene.