Laurent Dorchin


    "Art for me is a form of escape from the often chaotic world around us. Empty of any political or social message, I am completely absorbed in the moment and free. I paint intuitively, reading the composition as I create it. Often simplistic, I appreciate and find a great calm in my works despite their sometimes audacious and frenetic aesthetic."

    - Laurent Dorchin, painter

    Born in France in 1968, Laurent Dorchin is a self-taught mixed-media painter aligned with the Art Brut movement. His artistic journey began at 17 when he encountered the works of French expressionist painter Ramon Grimalt, igniting his passion for painting. Inspired by Grimalt's raw style, Dorchin started exploring various media such as wood and canvas, eventually incorporating acrylics, collage, pastels, and spray paint into his art. Today, his abstract paintings form a vibrant universe.

    Dorchin's art celebrates uninhibited expression, inviting viewers on a journey where reality and imagination intertwine. His work embodies joy, emotion, and spontaneity, conveyed through dynamic characters. He emphasizes the interplay of matter, color, and shape, infusing humor and laughter into his creations. Dorchin has exhibited extensively in France and internationally, with shows in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, and China.