"Each telling a different story from the same journey - loss, gain, isolation, the beauty that can be found in it all..." - Lance Claiborne Wiggs

    Lance Claiborne Wiggs combines vibrant colors, expressive movement, and powerful emotions with abstraction and figuration in captivating paintings, murals, and digital art. Born and raised in Washington DC, the self-taught creator primarily works in acrylic paint and canvas to create rich, abstract art.  After completing a BA in Psychology, with a minor in African American Studies, at Syracuse University, Lance spent four years working as a special education teacher in DC Public Schools. As an elementary school educator, he incorporated visual arts in the classroom as a conduit for creativity and expression. Witnessing the power that art had in a learning environment, Lance sought out opportunities to enhance commercial and public spaces. Not only did he want his students to learn and communicate visually, he wanted children to see young, Black men beautifying their environment and community. Visual artist, muralist, graphic designer, entrepreneur, teacher, and author, Lance Wiggs is now based out of Los Angeles, California where he co-runs the design house Claiborne Daniel and is co-founder of Feelday Inc. wellness brand. His interests over the years spanned across disciplines including painting, graphic design, public art, creative direction and literary arts.



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