Jordi Machí


    My art is a reflection of my feelings and my feelings are full of colors and vibrations, a search for beauty contrasted with the macabre. I often use art to free myself from the darkness of my mind. I need art to be free.

    ––Jordi Machí, Painter

    Jordi Machí is a Spanish painter who works in acrylic and collage on canvas, creating deeply sensual, colorful scenes that appear to be in motion. He combines figurative forms with abstract color and line. His work, often playful and mischievous, draws inspiration from childhood cartoons and the imaginary worlds he would escape into. In his latest collections he shows a matured vulnerability, captivating the media’s attention and solidifying his place in a group of young contemporary Spanish painters with more international career paths. He is constantly reaching and adapting, never stagnant.  

    Machí truly lives and breathes art. He currently paints between Madrid and Valencia, dedicating every day to creation. He received a Fine Arts degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and then continued his study at the University of San Carlos. Rather early on in his art career, he received wide recognition, travelling to Venice and São Paulo, living in Lebanon and eventually the United States. As a child, Machí found refuge in art. Creation has always provided an emotional escape, a door to unbridled imagination. Machí cites artists Egon Schiele, American illustrator Norman Rockwell, and Art-Nouveau icon Alphonse Mucha as major inspirations.

    In recent years Machí has received commissions from well-known Hollywood celebrities including the Kardashian-Wests and Ryan Gosling. He was catalogued as one of the best living contemporary painters in Spain by the 20 minutes newspaper. At only 33 years old, his work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, England, Brazil, Belgium, the USA and Lebanon. 



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