Chrissy McIntyre



    Chrissy McIntyre is a New Jersey based mixed media and collage artist. She has been working in this discipline for over 11 years with many years prior working in painting, ceramics and various crafts. 

    These collages were born out of a whim one afternoon to take bits of magazine paper and use them as paint to create an abstract collage. Using this method of cutting the paper into little squares and gluing them one by one, she attempted realism and created a portrait of her dog. 

    That dog went into an art show and sold and she got an order for a cat. More orders followed and pretty soon she was very busy creating custom pet portraits as well as some fun cheeky British iconography.

    She began her ongoing Travelogue series about 7 years ago. Travel has always been a major influence and it became another huge part of her work. Photographing scenes and images on trips became the foundation to her landscapes. All of the landscapes that she has created, thus far, have all been based on her personal travels. 

    The work takes some time, often a lot of time but is very rewarding. The images are photorealistic (ish) and quirky. 

    Chrissy counts among her influences all the pop artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein. Chuck Close’s work is a huge influence. Other great collage artists she loves are Scottish artist Mark Herald and British Artist Peter Clark.