"I hope to create dialogue around our common humanity - how important it is to recognize and empathize with this consciousness; how great it is to recognize the universality; how terribly beautiful is this experiment...." - BUCK!

    A Baltimore native, Rodney “BUCK!” Herring attended Hampton University where he majored in art, and found his voice reading some of the great writers of the 20th century. After graduation, Buck found himself up the parkway from Baltimore, creating art on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. BUCK! describes his work as “an ongoing conversation with myself in regards to my many artistic influences gathered from daily life and also from seeking information. The viewer gets bits of everything in my work including influences from impressionists, cartoonists, painters, graphic artists and more. My art is often interrupted by my logical thoughts which are then reinterpreted back into a visual representation of its chaos.” A collage of words and impactful imagery, his work is in a category of its own.




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