illustration sculpture
illustration sculpture

Two Personalities / Shizoid

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  • Two Personalities / Shizoid
  • Michal Cimala (Czech Republic)
  • Bronze
  • Sculpture can be mounted on metal display rod, 60.25 H inch
  • Size: 5.75 W x 6.25 H x 5 inch

Michal Cimala is a Prague-based sculptor, painter, designer, and DJ who re-appropriates uniquely aggressive figurative imagery, and then collages, paints, edits, and sculpts psychologically confronting artworks. His artistry knows no bounds–– he uses collage, acrylic, silkscreen, airbrush, iron, and acoustic foam to breathe life into his unique art objects. Inspired by baroque sculptorMesserschmidt, these obtrusive human heads are modeled by hand in clay and then cast in molds, an ongoing process of development that can take up to four years.