Patrick Pietropoli


Any painting should satisfy the following criteria: it is universal––it pleases the multitude of people; it is permanent in time––you feel the same emotion every time you see it; the emotion inspired by the painting is immediate.

––Patrick Pietropoli, Painter

Acclaimed French artist Patrick Pietropoli paints cityscapes and figures with immaculate technicality and grace. He finds balance between drawing and painting, allowing precise forms to rise above texture. His works emphasize precise line over color, breathing softly in muted, earthy hues. Pietropoli’s delicate hand falls in line with the 16th century Venetian masters, but he smartly veers at times to allow room for modern freedom and play. 

Pietropoli studied at The Paris Institute of Political Studies and earned his Master’s in Ancient History. He taught history for six years in Paris before devoting himself to art full-time. Pietropoli’s passion for creation sprouted in early childhood. He fondly remembers visiting art galleries with his grandfather in Paris, specifically recalling being 5 years old and marveling at a city façade painting by Italian artist Girogio de Chirico. The main exhibitions he visited at the Grand Palais in Paris were also particularly inspiring––able to behold the great works of the Venetian masters, Rembrandt, and Leonardo Da Vinci in person, he became convinced that art held a unique emotional power. Early in his career, Pietropoli painted directly on coarse linen, eventually transitioning to painting on canvas prepared with silver, copper or gold leaves. He starts with a strong drawing, broken down by successive layers of oil. He will often revisit the final lines with graphical enhancement, achieving a precision reminiscent of an unknown past. Pietropoli traditionally paints cities and figures, but has recently been working with new media wherein he explores storytelling and characters in action.

Pietropoli’s paintings have been featured internationally since the early 80’s in both solo and group exhibitions. His work can be found in the permanent collection of the Musee de la Marine and in multiple high profile private collections. Patrick Pietropoli currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.

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