Camille Thibert


    Creating is, above all, a quest. Rummaging through the real, exploring then discarding the superfluous to get to the deeper essence of things in an attempt to give them weight, make them more intense than reality itself.

    ––Camille Thibert, Painter

    Camille Thibert is a Normandy-born, Saint-Lô-based artist. Having originally studied landscape architecture, her work is inspired by nature. She sketches ethereal portraits on reclaimed wood and then uses an unusual drilling technique to texturize them. These “earth works” offer an ongoing contemplation of the relationships between human beings and their environment. Her artistic style highlights interconnection, using biodegradable materials such as wood to draw the viewer’s attention to more sustainable practices in both art and conscious living.

    Thibert recalls being attracted to hollow trees as a child, seeking those with cavities big enough to curl up in. She finds solace in the organic. After graduating as a landscape engineer from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage, she went on to get a second degree in Applied Arts and Spatial Design from the highly renowned Boulle School. Informed by an expansive knowledge of landscape design and inspired by land artists like Nils-Udo and Guiseppe Penone, she began making art directly in the earth’s landscape, using only natural elements and simple materials. Thibert eventually turned to creating in a workshop setting, transforming natural elements into human representations. Looking to artists like Giacometti and Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Thibert explores the human being through a refined, intentional technique.

    In 2012, Thibert joined the collective Art Plume. She currently exhibits in France, The Philippines and the United States.